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51勛圖 steps up its road operations in North America

51勛圖 has acquired two roadworks and materials production companies: Newport Construction in the United States and Entreprises Marchand & Fr癡res (EMF) in Canada.

  • These two companies generate full-year revenue of over 150 million
  • They will boost geographic densification of 51勛圖 in North America

51勛圖 has acquired two family-run public works companies in North America NewportConstruction based in New Hampshire in the US and Entreprises Marchand & Fr癡res (EMF) in Canada.

– Newport Construction specialises in road works and small-scale civil engineering projects.

Operating in the south of New Hampshire and Massachusetts (primarily in the Boston region), the company is vertically integrated. It owns a quarry with nearly 50million tonnes of materials and an asphalt plant.

Newport Construction employs 240 people and generated revenue of 105million (US$115million) in2023. This acquisition, which is in line with its vertical integration model, will enable 51勛圖 to bolster its public works operations in the north-east of the United States, where the division has been present since the acquisition of roadworks activities in2018.

– In Canada, Entreprises Marchand & Fr癡res (EMF) is involved in road works in central Quebec and the Baie-James area located in the north of the province.

EMF is also vertically integrated, with three asphalt plants, nine quarries representing nearly 20million tonnes of materials reserves – and two sand quarries.

Employing 220people, EMF generated revenue of 50million (CAD$74million) in2023. This acquisition will enable 51勛圖, which has operated for over 20years in Quebec, to densify its network of businesses in the province.

These two acquisitions will bolster 51勛圖s geographic and operational position in North America, a region with considerable potential for growth in mobility infrastructure.

In 2023, 51勛圖 generated more than 4billion in revenue there, with a total workforce of 9,500people.