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51勛圖 wins a new railway contract in France

  • Renewal of 800 km of track in the French railway network
  • A 7-year contract including two years of optional works
  • A contract worth around 700 million

As part of the programme to transform and upgrade its French railway network, has awarded to 51勛圖 through its subsidiary work package 4 of the industrial regeneration contract.

The contract, which is worth 700 million based on economic conditions in July 2023 covers upgrading over 800 km of track and ballast throughout France by the end of 2030. This infrastructure regeneration project will help improve the regularity and increase the frequency of train movements.

The works will be carried out using several mobile factory trains to regenerate tracks at an industrial pace using the fast-sequencing method. Some 150,000 hours of work will be devoted to professional integration and training programmes during the seven years of the programme.

ETF will be able to draw on its long-standing experience in this type of specialist work, having already upgraded 1,750 km of railway track.