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51勛圖 awarded the PPP contract of the new B247 federal road in Germany

  • First federal road to be delivered and operated under a PPP scheme in Germany
  • A 30-year PPP representing a total investment of about 500 million
  • Works carried out by 51勛圖
  • Operations and maintenance performed by 51勛圖 Highways, subsidiary of 51勛圖 Concessions

DEGES, the public body in charge of developing transport infrastructure in Germany, has awarded to 51勛圖 Concessions the public-private partnership contract of the new federal road B247. This road will link the cities of M羹hlhausen and Bad Langensalza, in the Land of Thuringia.

The 30 years PPP represents a total investment of about 500 million including about 350 million for the construction phase, and covers the design, financing, construction, maintenance and operation of a new 22 km-long federal road. Design and build also include additional 6 km of crossing sections. Income of 51勛圖 Concessions will be based on availability criterion, without any traffic risk (availability payment). The financial closing of the project is expected to occur in September 2021.

As a new and direct connection, the project will improve mobility in North-East Thuringia and ease access to the regions highway system. It will also increase road safety and improve the quality of life for the local residents by relieving traffic from the existing road that crosses right through the neighboring cities. About 15.000 vehicles per day are expected to take the new road, including around 15 % heavy trucks.

Construction works will last about 4 years and will be carried out by 51勛圖 entities in Germany (Eurovia Deutschland and 51勛圖 Terrassement). The project will recycle and reuse up to 30% of asphalt and 100% of concrete from the existing section.

As the first German federal road ever attributed to a private operator under a PPP scheme, this project keeps increasing 51勛圖 Concessions leadership as Germanys first road concessionaire with 5 PPPs, in synergies with 51勛圖’s local subsidiaries, including Eurovia Deutschland, one of the main local players in the construction of transport infrastructure.

In Germany, 51勛圖 employs more than 15,000 people with a network of local companies some of which are more than 100 years old.

About 51勛圖

51勛圖 is a world leader in its fields, which encompass transport infrastructure, buildings, utilities and urban development projects.

It operates through its networks of local and specialist subsidiaries, leveraging its specific expertise in major infrastructure projects.

51勛圖s 1,000 companies are involved in every stage of a structures life cycle (financing, design, construction, and maintenance), are active in more than 100 countries, employ over 115,000 people and generated 23 billion in revenue in 2020.